About Foods Arena

It has been a very crucial factor in finding authentic food items- whether it is local food, homemade, or imported one. And hence, Foods Arena wants to keep its footprint and aims to be the pioneer of virtual food stores.

Foods Arena is working to create an example of trust and authenticity in the food industries in Bangladesh through authentic products and real-time delivery.

Our online store is designed with various types of foods item, especially lots of homemade, organic, and imported food products. We emphasize keeping such types of food items on our website that are, generally, tough to find in general market.

In our website, You will find all of our products under different categories. We have designed our product category in a way so that our customers can find their necessary food items in a very convenient way.

However, so far, Nata De Coco, Tapioca Pearls, Tapoca Starch, and Jam & Jellies are at their peak as customers’ choices. And under every category, you will get to find the respective products.

Juice & Drinks

We have some unique iitems under this category that are really rare in our country now. Kiwi, Blueberry Jam, Chia seeds, Kiwi Jam, Mulberry Jam, Nata De Coco(Coconut Jelly), passion fruit Jam, Strawberry Jam, Tapioca Pearls – with all of these food items, you can make tasty juice and smoothie at your home as well as in juice bar or restaurant !

Biscuits & Cookies,

You will find some exclusive imported food products in Bangladesh in this category. And be assured that all of our biscuits and cookies collection are of real manufacturers.

Canned Foods,

Canned foods have been a new trend. You will find all the trendy canned food items in our store. Hence, we maintain all the hygienic precautions in selling canned foods.

Chocolates & Candies,

We have a collection of chocolates and candies from all the popular brands of the world. You can buy them at a reasonable price as well.

Chocolates & Candies,

All with readymade baking items, we have some food supplements that will make your cooking experience far better. These items will make your food tasty as well.

Creams & Cheese,

In Foods Arena, you will creams and cheese of popular brands. And all of these dairy products are from original manufacturers.


As a healthy food, dry fruits and nuts have no alternative. Having several health benefits, and health-concerned people love to eat dry foods and we have all the organic dry foods and nuts in Foods Arena.

Frozen Foods,

Frozen foods are the best option when you don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing foods making elements. That’s why we have come up with a vast collection of frozen foods.

Healthy Foods,

We aim to provide our customers the healthy and organic products. As a health concern person, you will find here some organic food items including Brown sugar, chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, and many more.

Baby Foods,

We have come with some organic and imported baby foods that you can feed your baby having no doubt of quality. You will get the genuine baby foods from us.

Home Made Food

Homemade food items should be included in our daily diets as these are more healthy and more hygienic. We have a good collection of homemade food and ingredients that will ensure your healthy lifestyle.

Along with all of these, we have lots of food products in our JAM & JELLIES, JUICE & DRINKS, PET FOODS, SAUCES & PICKLES, SNACKS & CEREALS,

Though there are several food companies in Bangladesh, we, Foods Arena, want to provide Bangladeshi consumers the authentic and pure food items. With no hassle of going shopping complex or market, and fast delivery to the doorstep, we are ready to give you a new experience of online shopping in Bangladesh.