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Tapioca pearls are also known as Boba pearls or starch balls. Now a days, these pearls are very popular to use in bubble drinks, tea and other drinks & desserts at juice bars or restaurants as well as home.

Boba pearls wholesale price:

The price of Boba pearls is little high in Bangladesh. We are offering Boba Pearls at wholesale in 4 different tier prices:

Order Quantity Price
3Kg 4,800Tk (1600Tk/Kg)
6Kg 9,450Tk (1575Tk/Kg)
12Kg 18,600Tk (1550Tk/Kg)
18Kg 27,000Tk (1500Tk/Kg)

You can also order small pack size to check quality first from here.

4,800৳ 27,000৳ 

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Inside Dhaka City: 80 tk. (Approx Delivery time 2-3 days).
Outside Dhaka City: 150 tk. (Approx Delivery time 3-4 days).

Tapioca pearls are also called boba pearls or tapioca balls. These are widely used in bubble tea/drinks. Hence, you can say it is the key ingredient of bubble tea. Various forms and sizes of boba pearls include black, colored, popping, flavored & clear (in 3 to 10 millimeters in sizes) are available in the market.

Tapioca pearls are basically needed to cook 15-20 minutes in hot water and soak in sugar syrup to make them chewy and sweet. However, the cooking time can be different based on pearl sizes. These pearls are also used for adding different textures to the drinks.

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What are tapioca pearls?

Tapioca pearls or boba pearls are translucent spheres that are edible. Tapioca starch is the main ingredients of the tapioca/boba pearls which produced from the cassava roots. These are also used as alternatives to sago, which is the best ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine.

These pearls boiled in water and gives a chewy texture and used in bubble tea or drinks. Now, these are used as the topping of various desserts also.

What does it taste like?

These things tasted like gummy bears or you can say jelly type. Some people describe tapioca pearls as Q or QQ. However, these boba pearls actually give you a soft, resilient, and bouncy texture. People love this texture in their bubble tea, milk tea, smoothies or with any other drinks.

Where to buy tapioca pearls in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, We ( have different types of tapioca pearls in the collection. We are one of the best tapioca pearls sellers in Bangladesh. you will get black, colored, cleared, mini-sized, popping, flavored types of tapioca pearls in this online shop.

The boba pearls price in Bangladesh is little high but we are trying to sell within your budget. You will get various packs in different sizes like 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg according your needs & budget.

Benefits of Boba/Tapioca pearls

Tapioca or boba pearls help vegetarians to meet their protein levels. As you know it is a form of the vegetarian root. These pearls are also great for muscle building.

Apart from this, boba pearls are good for those who want to gain weight. But these are stretchy carbohydrates that are hard to digest. People with low digestive power should avoid it. Although, there are no alternatives to boba pearls for bubble tea and people are fond of these pearls in their favorite drinks.

How to Cook Tapioca Pearls:

To cook or process tapioca pearls properly, you need to follow all steps below one by one-

  1. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? Pour the tapioca pearls into a bowl, so that one does not stick to the other. The pearls are very soft so handle carefully.

  2. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? Take a pot of water (approximately 1.5 liters for 100 grams of pearls) and place it on the stove and wait until the water boils.

  3. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? When the water boils, slowly release the pearls into the water. Then gently stir so that the pearls do not stick to bottom of the pot.

  4. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? Now keep the stove on medium heat & cover the pot. Boil for 15-20 minutes. (Time may take more/less depending on the size of pearls).

  5. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? After boiling, you will see that the color has come into pearls. Then turn off the stove and cover the pot for another 30 minutes.

  6. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? Then take the pearls in a strainer and wash them well with cold water, so that the sticky water does not stick to the tapioca pearls.

  7. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? After that take the pearls in a bowl & mix it with brown sugar or white sugar. (Skip this step if you want sugar free tapioca pearls).

  8. Step - 1, Boba Pearls Cooking? Now you can mix the tapioca pearls with your favorite drinks or dessert and serve. (Note: Do not refrigerate cooked boba pearls).

How to Store Boba Pearls?

Store in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. You can store it till expiry date with it’s original vacuum pack. But after tearing up the vacuum pack, please finish all pearls in same day. If not possible, please keep in refrigerator using an airtight container and finish as early as possible.

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Inside Dhaka City: 80 tk. (Approx Delivery time 2-3 days).
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