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Cat food is a very popular and needed item for those who have pets. For easygoing food recipes, many people serve cat food to their cats.

However, cat food is supplementary food that has a particular nutritious amount for the cat. This cat food helps to maintain a healthy dietary habits for the cat.

There are various kinds of cat food brands available in the market. For hassle-free food serving, you can choose any of the good brands for your cat.

However, there are many online stores that also sell cat food. Among them, Foodsarena is the most trustworthy that sells various kinds of cat foods from various brands for pets.

What is cat food?

Cat food is basically food for cats. Many cat owners give treats by providing the best cat food to their cats. Cat food nowadays sells as commercial food. It fulfills and balances the diet of the cats.

Mainly, good quality cat food can grow the fastest growth of bones, muscle, nails, skin, etc. So overall cat food works like a supplement that has lots of positive impacts on a cat’s health.

A short history of cat food

Cat food has been processed and manufactured since 1940 in Europe and USA. It is made of protein, calcium, zinc, carbohydrates and so many beneficiary food supplements.

There are many brands that have quality cat food items. Cat food in Bangladesh is also very demanding and many importers bring various flavored tasty canned food items for the cats. All the flavors are very much delightful for the cats. It increases their food consumption habit.

Ingredients of cat food

Protein: protein is the primary and first ingredient of cat food. In the market, there are various types of dry cat food items. All this dry food actually fulfills the demand for protein. The range of protein has to be 16% to 40% in the canned or processed pet food items.

Carbohydrates: Cat food is a good source of carbohydrates. It works like a filler for the cats.

Fats and oil: Cat food has the required amount of fats and oil in it. 25% fat or oil is needed to be ensured within cat foods.

Vitamins and minerals: Cat food has lots of remaining vitamins and minerals such as vitamins k, E, A, B-12, D-3, etc. Moreover, it has calcium carbonate, folic acid, riboflavin supplement, etc.

Nutrients in Cat Food

Well, cat foods provide necessary daily nutrients to the pet. As an owner, you may raise a question regarding the nutritional properties of cat food. Here are the details:

AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) determines the food ingredient lists for the pets so that pets can get the proper nutritious benefit from these foods.

  • Arginine
  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Taurine, etc.

These are the most needed nutrition properties that a cat needs for healthy growth.

Cat food storage method

Good quality cat food is needed to be ensured by the owner. For keeping the food safe and good, you need to follow some food storage methods.

A cool and dry place is the best solution for keeping the cat food for storage. Less than 80 F is a good temperature to keep cat food. Excess moisture can lower the quality of cat food’s ingredients.

Keeping the food in an airtight box will give the best result. All the food would remain fresh if you maintain all these things.


For serving all the needs and demands of the cat and cat owners, cat food is made. It is delicious and has lots of healthy and beneficial ingredients.

Cat food is now a very popular food item in the market. All pet owners have a huge demand to buy cat food for their cats.

Foodsarena is one of the best online shops in Bangladesh which gives very quality products all over Bangladesh. Our first choice is customer satisfaction. So, you may have no negative experience with us.