Ceylon Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 200ml

There are many extra virgin coconut oils are available in Bangladeshi market from different brands/manufacturers. All brands are not good for this oil. Ceylon Naturals is one of the best brand which is producing the top quality extra virgin coconut oil.

Ceylon Naturals Coconut Oil Price in Bangladesh

The price of extra virgin coconut oil also vary based on brands, origin country, availability & more factors. We are offering the best rate for Ceylon extra virgin coconut oil 200ml jar at 480tk in Bangladesh.


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In Bangladeshi market, Ceylon Natural’s is most popular band for extra virgin coconut oil. The process of filtering & coldpressing of this coconut oil ensure the optimum quality and nutrition. Ceylon Natural’s is using only the best quality and 100% organic coconuts from Sri Lanka to produce this virgin coconut oil. These oils are manufactured in ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP certiled facilities.

This coconut oil is Organic certified & approved by the EU and USDA Control Union. Ceylon Naturals extra virgin coconut oil is a great source of ‘Lauric acids’ and ‘Antioxidants’.

Product Highlights

  • Brand: Ceylon Naturals.
  • Origin: Sri Lanka.
  • Vegetarian Friendly.
  • 100% Halal and RAW.
  • Great for Skin, hair & nails care.
  • Cold pressed from the best quality coconuts.
  • Great source of Lauric Acids & ANTI-OXIDANTS.
  • Ideal for baking, cooking and frying.
  • Certified Organic coconut oil.
  • Gluten Free.

Ingredients of this coconut oil: 100% certified organic coconuts. No preservatives or additives.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Uses:

Include 3-4 tablespoons coconut oil into your meal chart everyday. Extra virgin coconut oil is ideal for cooking, baking, frying & as an special element to smoothies.

Used for a variety of dishes to personal hair, nails and skin care, it’s a popular alternative to other available virgin coconut oils around the world.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

1. Repairs Your Skin:

Extra virgin coconut oil has almost all the properties and works amazingly for all types of skin as a perfect skin care solution. This oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and vulnerary properties which help to treat chronic skin disorders.

Frequently use of extra virgin coconut oil on skin can increase skin’s barrier function and protect from UV rays. This oil also inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory property & can helps to heal the scars and wounds.

2. Helps to Lose Weight:

Nowadays, extra virgin coconut oil is very much popular for weight loss. This oil contains high level of fatty acids which helps to burn body fat.

Extra virgin coconut oil enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin E which can control the level of body’s hormone. Also, the virgin coconut oil is free from saturated fats, that why this oil can be used as a good alternative product for weight loss.

3. Great for Hair Care:

Applying extra virgin coconut oil to hair can reduce protein loss. This coconut oil has High level of Lauric acid which is the principal fatty acid. It can increase hair proteins.

When you use different hair products and iron your hair frequently, your hair can be damaged. Virgin coconut oil can protect against all this by producing an extra layer when you apply this oil into hair. It also reduces hair throughout.

There are many reasons for hair greying and dandruff. Extra virgin coconut oil contains Vitamins E, K and fatty acids which can fight against dandruff and protect your hair from greying in color.

4. Reduce cholesterol level:

Though the cholesterol is necessary to build healthy cells but high cholesterol level is dangerous for your heart health. Extra virgin coconut oil is the source of Lauric acid that helps to burn your body fat and reduce cholesterol and maintain good health of the heart.

This oil contains saturated fats which increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood too and reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Controls Diabetes:

Many people are affected by diabetes around the world today. Anyone can maintain their sugar level in different ways. Extra virgin coconut oil can help in stabilizing blood sugar and enhance insulin secretion.

Consuming the virgin coconut oil is the great source of MCFAs, which helps to reduce strain on the pancreas by producing an independent energy source. which helps reduce strain on the pancreas by providing an independent energy source other than the glucose found in our blood.

Storage Method: Do not keep in deep freeze. Store in a dry and cool place, and away from sunlight.

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