Coconut Jelly (Nata De Coco) – Wholesale

Nata De Coco (Coconut Jelly) is now a very popular food item that you can eat directly or use with your drinks, falooda, smoothies, ice cream, cold coffee or any other dessert items at your home, restaurant or juice bar.

? We are selling Nata De Coco in 2 cube sizes (5mm & 10mm) and 5 flavors at wholesale price.

? Lychee, ?Mango, ?Strawberry & ?Pineapple

Order Quantity Price
5Kg (5mm/10mm) 2,250Tk (450Tk/Kg)
10Kg (5mm/10mm) 4,400Tk (440Tk/Kg)
15Kg (5mm/10mm) 6,450Tk (430Tk/Kg)
20Kg (5mm/10mm) 8,400Tk (420Tk/Kg)

You can also order small pack size to check quality from here.

2,250৳ 8,400৳ 

Item Code: NATA-W

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★ Delivery Charges and Time:
Inside Dhaka City: 80 tk. (Approx Delivery time 2-3 days).
Outside Dhaka City: 150 tk. (Approx Delivery time 3-4 days).

Nata de coco is now a very popular food item that you can eat with your smoothie, falooda, ice cream, cold coffee or any drinks. It helps to add taste to your drinks. There are also some nutritious benefits of nata de coco.

It mainly produced from coconut milk. Nata de coco has moderate portions of calories, protein, and high fiber. Now, it is noted as a healthy drink because it has high fiber and also has low calories in comparison to other sweetened drinks.

Item Ratio:
Jelly Cube: 60%.
Sugar Syrup: 40%

What is Nata De Coco?

Nata de coco is a coconut gel that is processed from coconut milk. It also called “Coconut Jelly”. It’s a kind of chewy, jelly-type, translucent food. There are various types of flavored coconut jellies are available in the present market. Various healthy drinks are also made using these nata jelly.

Nata De Coco Benefits:

Nata de coco is one of the best natural dietary foods which is high in fiber. That means it will do great work for improving the immune system and also can be used as a supplement for reducing weight.

Then it has vitamins of B, B1, B2, and C which improve the failings of nutrition in your body.

Recipe for Coconut Jelly

Nata de coco is made by using the technique of static fermentation. Here the high sugar substrate such as Gluconacetobacter xylinum is used for the fermentation process.

You can make various drinks and dessert for yourself by using this nata jelly. There are five different flavors such as lychee, mango, pineapple, orange, and strawberry of this coconut jelly available here.

Our Nata de coco is ready to it. You can eat these healthy nata de coco drinks every day to keep yourself active all day long.

Why should you buy Nata De Coco from us?

Now, there are many Nata De Coco suppliers in Bangladesh. Among them, you can trust us (Foods Arena) for original Nata De Coco. Here, you also get 5 flavored of coconut jelly which are completely ready to eat. We do the best among all the nata de coco seller in Bangladesh.

You can compare the Nata De Coco price in Bangladesh with our price. We are selling in the cheapest rate. Wholesale price also available if you want to buy bulk quantity. You will get coconut jelly in 2 cube sizes from us. One is a 5mm (5mm only for custom order) and another is for 10mm.

You have come to know the facts of Nata De Coco. This item is becoming popular for its nutritious properties. As a dietary food, internationally, it has also a huge demand to make drinks using it.

Storage Method

Nata de coco imported from abroad and processed in Bangladesh for deliver to our customers. The taste of this jelly will good until 2 months from the packing date. Keep the pack away from sunlight. After tearing up the pack, you must need to store it in a normal refrigerator with an airtight container.

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✱ Delivery Charges and Time:
Inside Dhaka City: 80 tk. (Approx Delivery time 2-3 days).
Outside Dhaka City: 150 tk. (Approx Delivery time 3-4 days).

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