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Amul Dark Chocolate Price in Bangladesh
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Amul Dark Chocolate – 40g or 150g Pack

80৳ 280৳ 

Bluebell Dark Compound Chocolate – 1Kg Pack

Original price was: 720৳ .Current price is: 650৳ .

Dark Chocolate Price in Bangladesh

Nowadays, Dark chocolate is very much popular in Bangladesh. The price of dark chocolate vary based on brands, quality, origin country etc. factors. You will get the popular dark chocolates here at reasonable prices.

Dark chocolate is a treasure that was discovered in 2000 BC. At that time, in Central America, people drank this chocolate by making a fermented beverage with various spices and wine. However, dark chocolate is made from chocolate beans, cocoa solids, butter, and processed milk.

This dark chocolate has lots of benefits including it helps to reduce heart disease. It also helps to reduce hypertension and instantly gives mental energy to the body.

In this modern era, people are very conscious about good dietary products to improve their health conditions. In this regard, low sugar high calories, and moderate level fat including this dark chocolate is a highly recommended item.

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Dark chocolate nutrition:

Dark chocolate works like an agent of good health factor promoters. It has so many nutritious benefits. It has magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, etc. Apart from this, 1 ounce of dark chocolate provides 170 calories, 12 grams fat, and 7 grams saturated.

Moreover, it has caffeine, so whenever your diet is perfect including calorie and caffeine intake, you can consume dark chocolate and take its benefits.

However, dark chocolate is a good dietary food supplement. People of the modern era consume this chocolate every day. Dark chocolate is needed to keep it cool and dry. It can be served by melting, using toppers of dessert items, or as a cube chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate brands in Bangladesh:

There are many dark chocolate brands available in Bangladeshi market. Dark chocolate name and price vary from brand to band and sizes. Bluebell, ASDA, Cadbury, Lindt, Hershey’s and Amul dark chocolate are the most popular brands for dark chocolate in Bangladesh.

Benefits of dark chocolate:

Dark chocolates have lots of nutritious benefits. It gives you lots of positive impact on your body. Dark chocolates are one of the best sources of antioxidants. However, some of the benefits are given below:

  • A powerful source of antioxidants
  • Reduces the chance of cell damage
  • Works amazingly for depression
  • Improves the blood flow and controls the blood pressure
  • Controls high cholesterol’s in the body
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Protects skin from the sun
  • Helps to improve brain functions, etc.

It has lots of benefits but you should not eat a lot of dark chocolate in a day. There are high calories in dark chocolate so you may gain weight by overeating.

Uses of dark chocolate:

The popularity of dark chocolate in Bangladesh is also increasing. Now, there are lots of dishes made with dark chocolates. Most of the baking items such as chocolate cakes, muffins, and brownies, are needed to use chocolate. So, the use of dark chocolate is also increasing.

Furthermore, sometimes people are treating their various diseases by consuming dark chocolate every day. It works very well against diabetics and ensures weight loss. So, now people are making various dishes with dark chocolates and adding dark chocolate syrup to add taste to their dietary food supplements.

So, if you decide to consume dark chocolate every day with a little portion and find an authentic shop that can deliver the best quality dark chocolate, then this shop would be the best option for you.

Therefore, there are some risk factors for dark chocolate as well.

The risk factors of dark chocolates:

There are a few risk factors you should keep in mind to avoid dark chocolate side effects. Those factors are-

Pregnancy: As dark chocolate has caffeine, during pregnancy, you should avoid dark chocolate.

Breastfeeding: Caffeine can be transferred to the baby while breastfeeding. So, at this condition, mommas should avoid dark chocolate.

Bleeding disorders: Patients like haemophilia should avoid it because dark chocolate slows down the clotting process of blood pressure.

Palpitation: Cocoa is increasing the pulse rate. It also can raise blood pressure if anyone eats it in a huge amount.

Best time to eat dark chocolate:

There is no absolute time frame to eat dark chocolate. You can have it whenever you want. But some of the recommendations have given below:

  • Exam stress time
  • When you need to calm down your nerve system
  • At the time of mood swings
  • Post-exercise meals etc.

Apart from this, dark chocolate can be eaten as dessert at any time. Dark chocolate has high calories. So it would be better to avoid consuming dark chocolate the time to go of going bed for sleep. Besides, it can go with having friends and family also.