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Nestle Lactogen 1, 2 and 3 Formula Milk (1.8kg)

Nowadays, Nestle Lactogen formula milk powder is widely used as an alternative of the breast milk. Nestle has produced this milk in 4 different formulas like- Lactogen 1, Lactogen 2, Lactogen 3, and Lactogen 4 with the best ingredients according babies age that can consume by the infant and the older baby.

Lactogen 1, 2 & 3 Price in Bangladesh:

Different shops are selling Lactogen formula milk in Bangladeshi market. The price of Lactogen 1, 2, and 3 in Bangladesh can vary based on origin country, supply, stock and more factors. We are offering these milk at the best price-

Lactogen 1 (1.8kg) at 3790tk, Lactogen 2 (1.8kg) at 3690tk and Lactogen 3 (1.8kg) at 3690tk at this moment (Price can change any time).

3,690৳ 3,790৳ 

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Nestle Lactogen baby milk is used as an alternative to the breast milk of the mother. This baby milk is produced with the best formula that can consume by the infant and the older baby. There are many babies who don’t get enough mother’s breast milk for them. This brand makes the ideal formula milk for babies.

Nestle lactogen is a 100 % safe brand for baby formula milk. Now, in Bangladesh, there are many offline and online baby food shops that sell the worldwide famous baby milk brand Nestle Lactogen. However, you can order through this website. We deliver authentic products everywhere in Bangladesh.

Ingredients of Lactogen Baby Milk

Well, the ingredients of lactogen baby milk are very enriched and it can fulfill the nutritious needs of a baby. So, let’s get to know what ingredients this contains:

  • Protein: protein is an essential ingredient for muscle building and energy.
  • Probiotic: For digestive and immune health, a probiotic is a must.
  • DHA: DHA means docosahexaenoic acid which is best for brain development.
  • Lutein: This is another important ingredient that is beneficial to the eyes.
  • Vitamin E: This is good for a baby’s immune system.
  • Iron: iron is a very crucial ingredient for a baby’s healthy growth and development.

A short overview of 4 formulas of Lectogen Milk

Lactogen-1 Formula Milk:

Lactogen 1 stands for the baby infant whose age is under 6 months. This is non-organic formula milk for babies where you get protein, probiotics, and other necessary nutritious benefits. However, apart from a mother’s milk, this can be an alternative.

This formula milk is made with dried spray formula and the written formula of this milk ensures safety, hygiene, and all the necessary things for the baby.

Lactogen-2 Formula Milk:

This spray-dried Lactogen 2 formula milk is produced for the baby of 6 to 12 months old. It contains protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C & D. It is also a substitute when the baby is not feeding the mother’s milk.

However, this formula milk is made 100% safe and maintained with proper hygiene. Last but not the least, this is a vegetarian product.

Lactogen-3 Formula Milk:

Lactogen 3 is basically for older babies whose age is above 12 months and who are not taking their mother’s milk. This milk is convenient for the babies and ensures all the nutrition for the baby.

Lactogen-4 Formula Milk:

Lactogen 4 is for babies whose age is above 24 months and not up to 5 years. It also has protein, vitamins, probiotics etc. This formula milk is a vegetarian product and also ensures and maintains FDA rules.

However, lactogen baby milk in Bangladesh is very much popular and the number 1 choice just as an alternative to mother’s milk. We have almost all the collections of lactogen and we provide you with the best and newest products of lactogen at your doorstep.

Directions to Prepare Lactogen Milk

The direction of preparing formula milk is given below:

  • First, check the expiry date and wash your hands.
  • Then, prepare the feeding bottle with proper hygiene.
  • After that, boil the water and mix the powder of the formula milk according to the written proportion of the bottle.
  • For infants, you have to maintain one type of measurement and for older babies, you have to maintain another type of milk and water proportion.
  • Shake it to dissolve the powder with lukewarm water.
  • Now, it’s ready for your precious baby.


No milk is better than the mother’s milk. But also people who have no other choice can go for formula milk. Hence, among various brands of formula milk, lactogen is the best and it is popular in Bangladesh.

This formula milk is safe and convenient to consume for the baby from day 1 to 24 months. If you feel you need this item, you can check it out on our webpage.

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